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Passionate, energetic and respectful, We grew up in construction – watched and listened carefully before following a path I enjoy.  Renovations, new builds, and the problem solving that goes along with each step, excites me.  We live in a world where every problem has a solution and at each day's end you’re able to visually see your hard work.  I've been self-employed for 10 years, having built a business with very little advertising by making sure each and every customer's expectations are met and exceeded. 


Your home, your family, your future and your investment into your property is important
to you and I take that responsibility very seriously. 


I treat your home as if it were mine, protecting what’s important to you. Protective floor runners are always laid out and air scrubbers maintain dust control during every stage to ensure the highest level of air quality for your family.


Meanwhile, open communication ensures your expectations are always met. I take pride in every step and we make certain each one is clear for you to understand.


Preparation and communication are the two key ingredients for any successful renovation. From the very first meeting, we start brainstorming together with the understanding that each project is very different and each customer may have a very different scenario and purpose in mind. 


My work starts at the initial viewing/meeting. I strive to understand your goals and what you are attempting to achieve from this renovation.  We can discuss endless possibilities, options and budgets: this will determine a clear path and help set expectations throughout the process.


From there, a detailed estimate can take place. Keep in mind, we can always adjust the estimate accordingly to meet your requirements and expectations. 


Once the quote has been approved and details have been finalized, we can move on to the planning process. I will send out a detailed list of items required, which can be purchased through our suppliers or can be individually sourced by you.  A detailed schedule will then be sent and a start date confirmed. 


Finally, I always insist on regular meetings during the project to confirm the process is on schedule, details aren’t overlooked and we're continuing down the same path together.  Feel free to visit my team and I on site anytime.

Call us at: 519-807-4090